If you are new to mindful days, read a bit more here

Balance is at the heart of mindfulness

First, just to let you know there's nothing unusual about coming for a whole day of mindfulness.  You can sit on chairs or on the floor, whatever is most comfortable for you.

  • If you usually sit on a cushion or stool, please bring yours with you.  We have some, but they are limited. 
  • We have lots of chairs.

Most days include periods of sitting and walking, so you learn a variety of ways to become more mindful.

Often, we have times of silence.  If you haven't done much work in silence - relax and see how it goes.  Our tutors are here to help you and support you and you can ask to speak in a separate room if you are struggling.  Most people don't find silence a struggle, coming back to speaking is the big jolt!

Bring warm clothes.  Layers are best.

We're a farm so the fields can be muddy and this is England so it rains.  Come prepared.  If you are here for a day, bring your own lunch - other times for longer retreats we do all the catering.

We keep costs to around £15 per person, plus there is a fee for credit card bookings - if this is beyond your budget there are always concessions available.

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