Mindfulness summer retreat nr Brackley Northamptonshire

16th to 22nd July


Mindfulness can help us to create more balance in our lives.

It is a secular practice that involves some meditation and many other activities to build better neurological pathways in our brain that support a happier and healthier life.

This is the only retreat available in the UK with so many teachers on hand offering so many choices -  you can really make this a personal experience.  Azize, Bruce, Jane, Per and Jenny hope you will make time to join us.

You have the choice of joining us for:

  • Saturday only
  • Sunday only
  • Saturday and Sunday
  • Saturday to Tuesday
  • Sunday to Wednesday
  • Monday to Friday
  • Saturday to Friday


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You have a choice of three sessions, three times on Saturday and the programme is repeated on Sunday.  You can select one menu one day and another the next.  Any of the sessions are suitable for anyone except that we suggest the "Deepening" series is for participants with slightly more experience. 

There is a separate programme for Monday to Friday (click here to open the programme).

Not been on retreat before, you can read this page to learn more.

FOUNDATION - 1st session
For many of us, our bodies are used primarily to carry our heads around! However, we can learn to use our body both as a refuge from our busy minds and as a more intuitive way to recognise our emotions and to regulate how we feel about things. This session looks at our relationship with our body and how to begin to integrate it with our mind. It includes the Body Scan practice; one of the core practices in mindfulness. (Jane)
BROADENING- 1st session
Extending ‘mindful walking’ past “intentionally attending to the experience of walking itself’ so that it includes Alexandrian considerations. By looking at our unconscious walking habits to see what can be revealed about our states of mind and the choices we could make to change our psycho-physical relationship to this humblest of activities, radically affecting the experience of ourselves and the world we move through. (Azize)
DEEPENING- 1st session
Working with what arises from within.
Guided practice, being with the uncomfortable and strong feelings that sometimes come to us.
In this session we look at some different mindfulness approaches that promote less stressful responses to strong feelings and emotions. How can we move from reacting to responding?
Together we explore both the theory and practice of how mindfulness works through the body to alter the mind. (Per)
FOUNDATION - 2nd session
Working with our thoughts and emotions.
This will be a guided awareness practise to help cultivate our ability to observe our thoughts as they arise and pass. We will build from an awareness of the transient nature of sounds and notice how sounds come and go moving to a similar observation of the transient nature of thoughts and emotions. As we develop this ability to observe, sounds, thoughts and emotions we develop an ability to notice our ‘state’ and instead of automatically reacting to it choosing to respond to it. (Bruce)
BROADENING - 2nd session
Alpaca walking and massage. Alpaca are wild and although they look cute they have the power to hurt. We can come up close to our mindfulness practice by deliberately putting ourselves near to them. We begin to notice how they react and how we react to their reactions. Just as with other relationships, how “we are” affects how “they are”. There is so much to learn. (Limited places)
DEEPENING - 2nd session
‘No man is an island’ (John Donne). There is a wealth of research about the psychological benefits of feeling connected to others and having a sense of common humanity. This session will explore the research behind that, let us think about how we are connected, and will include the popular ‘befriending’ practice. (Jane)
FOUNDATION - 3rd session
Breathing and the breath and the body and posture.
Getting the basics right; how to sit or stand in balance and how to breathe with minimal effort.
In order to deepen the practice it is helpful to get the foundations right. The aim of this session is to fine tune the foundations and embed the basics into your practice.
BROADENING - 3rd session
Developing Our Senses.
In this session we are tuning in to our body more deeply. We will be using gentle guided meditation practise to develop our ability to “deeply feel” and to be fully aware of bodily sensations. Using simple Qigong and Yoga movements as well as standing and slow walking, we explore our ability to tune in to our inner world in a range of situations.
Bringing aspects of the Body-scan into moving meditation. (Per)
DEEPENING - 3rd session
‘Keeping the practice alive’. brings us hard up against our resistance, and seeming incapacity to develop a sustainable practice. This is a brilliant opportunity to examine how the driven doing mode of mind can sabotage our best intentions to get a foothold in the being mode of mind. [if there is time, we might look at how physical discomfort during sitting practice can get in the way. Alexander Technique could provide possible strategies]. (Azize)